Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008


Tonight was super fun. All my tests are over for a long time and the weekend is about two classes away. so tonight, me and katie thought we would celebrate by going hot tubing. Once we got there, the door had a pad lock on it... so we did what any teenager would do. Jumped the fence. Why yes the cops did come. We got kicked out and all the cop said was "It's cold, I want to go hot tubing too." Lucky for us, the cop came literally 30 seconds after we got back into the hot tub from playing in the pool... which has a cover on it. We got so lucky!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chinese New Year

It has come to my attention that the Chinese New Year is on Feb. 6. The year is now the year of the brown rat. (unlike what me and Ryan thought was the snake, i researched it). Either way, it's no wonder Obama was elected!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Yesterday, which was my cousin Travis's birthday, Katie's mom came up to visit us in Logan. We got ready and they bought me a cake for my birthday. Then they took me out to dinner to Olive Garden; we were so hungry! After O.G. we went to a new place of shopping called the Fashion Box. It had really cute clothes, except the price tag said retail price and their price. On this pair of jeans it said the retail price was $98.99. Then their price was 65.99. It wasn't a big deal except i sell those exact pair of jeans in my store for $70.00. So i wasn't too impressed that they were making it seem like they were giving me a better deal then they were. But we found this huge shoe. It was a 12!!!!

Today was my 25 hour birthday. (time change) I was woken up around 9:00am to a breadfast that was amazing! there was bacon and eggs and scones and hashbrowns. Oh and Orange juice and flowers. I LOVE MY ROOMMATES.I looked at my phone and found like a million texts from around 12:30am saying "Happy Birthday". Good thing i was smart and turned my phone on silent so it didn't wake me up. The bad part is that I missed the call from my mom telling me Happy Birthday. :( Then we went to stake conference and learned a lot about drawing. Katie brought her notebook and made us not pay attention. When we got home we fell right asleep. Well for a little while (ten minutes) before my best friend called me and told me happy birthday. He knows who he is. Then i talked to Jen for a while and my sister Amy called me. The highlight of my day is when my dad called. He has this way of singing us all happy birthday over the phone or he leaves a message with it. I look forward to it every year. It just shows he cares and i like that. I always smile when i hear it. Anyway, my other best friend Josh Allen called me and told me happy birthday as well. He is in North Dakota. I miss him. My mom also sent me up a cake and a couch. I love that woman with all my heart. Ryan and Kent helped pack it upstairs, A big thanks to them too.

After talking to everyone the boys in 306 made us dinner. I walked in and they had my seat all ready for me. Yes. A vibrating massager, and a Foot Massager. Both of which they got at the DI. I was hesitant and ended up not using the foot massager.... Right before i left, They brought out my cake they "made". oh yeah. the candles were vibrant colors with one flame coming from them because they were all really close, and pushed clear down into the cake as you can see. Topped with a thick layer of wax and a side of burnt out matches. It was a great dinner and that was the cherry on top of it all.

I had to go to work after dinner. My managers all brought me cup cakes. I ended up taking 15 home because there was so many. They were delicious though. I came home and my roommates gave me two movies. Anchorman, a classic, and the perfect score. They thought the perfect score was 21, but it's not. I still love it anyway. It was now time to go party. I went to Ryan's house like almost every Sunday. When i opened the door they all screamed HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEISA and automatically started singing the song of the day. They had gotten a lot of practice of screaming when Shaun had walked in right before me.

A birthday isn't a real birthday without a spanking machine.... Oh yes they talked me into it. Everyone was screaming "Spanking machine, Spanking machine". And to think I brought them cake... Seriously though, Helen gave me a stinking hard one there at the first!

So after some early texts, breakfast in bed, talking all day, receiving 3 cakes, I figure it was a pretty decent birthday. Thanks to all those who contributed! :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween! :)

This Halloween started around August 28th. Katie and I made a trip to the local Wal-Mart to find decorations. We were so excited that Halloween was just around the corner and we got to decorate how we wanted. We went with the blood hands/walls effect. It was quite a hit. Even the boys down a few dorms tried to steal them but fortunately were unsuccessful.

A few days later, Rylee, my roommate, Katie, and I went to the mall for some window shopping fun. We ended up in the Halloween store with every mask imaginable.
Of course we tried them all on and took pictures! We couldn't resist! There was masks of monkeys and aliens and just everything. It was like a mind blow. When we would try them on, we would just put the one before on the ground so we could reach the ones in the back. After a while the workers came and picked them all up. We felt bad because we could have done that, and we were just going to knock them down again because we weren't done. We still had many behind the ones we just tried on that we hadn't gotten to quite yet. It was just the start of the fun month of September.

Although Halloween did come very early this year, We didn't acutally go get our costumes until a day or two before the actual date. This was a crazy crazy day. We picked up Ryan (aka rowdy) and went to the DI. we walked around looking for the perfect costumes. Me and Katie found ours within the first five minutes but unfortunately it wasn't Ryan's day. He couldn't find his green sweater. He did find a stuffed hippo ( to rip all the stuffing out and wear) for a backup just in case he didn't find the green sweater he was looking for. After the DI we adventured to Wal Mart. We gathered all our stuff and played some rock band. We went back to the car (which katie pulled through too far, like 4 feet to far. So it wasn't hard to find from the top of the row) just to our surprise, Katie locked her keys in. Luckily we saw a friend of mine in the store and called him to come help us. He did.

The night before Halloween, when trying on our outfits for the howl, i looked as if i was a polygamist's wife. It was so cool, then i tore mine up and put "blood" all over it, bobbed for apples, then took a few pictures and made some movies, and eventually went to bed. This was only the start of the all hollows eve fun.

Today, I went to work dressed as an i pod dancer.Thank goodness i only had to work from 3 to 6. Working in the local Cash Valley Mall, there is a tradition they do every year, it is called a "Trunk or Treat" or something to that effect.Apparently kids and parents dress up and walk around the mall in a huge line, gathering candy from every store. The line went around and around. People with their kids dressed as anything from monkey's, skunks, and bunnies to Tomas the trains, Iron Man's and Princesses kept the line steady from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. I couldn't help but to smile as big as i could and tell each little kid how amazing/scary their costume was. We at Maurices we ran out of candy around 4:30 and had to go get a lot more. We only gave each kid one tootsie roll/random piece of candy each, well we were supposed to. I "accidentally" gave a few kids two or three... what else was i supposed to do? they were all so cute. After about 5, we ran out of candy again and this time we didn't go on a candy run. This was the end of our candy giving. We had to put up a sign that read "Out of Candy :(, but have a Happy Halloween :)". I could see the pain in the kids faces as they walked by and only got one stupid piece of tootsie from the older lady working at Macey's. A look that could break your heart.

Tonight was very unexpected. I thought the howl would be crazy fun with a ton of different things to do. It appeared there was some dancing, dancing, coloring, and more dancing. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE TO DANCE, but it was a little crowded for what i call good dancing. There were also a lot of guys with no shirts on. Which I was completely fine with. :) Anyway, Katie and I dressed up as zombies. Our roommates were Hippies. We ratted our hair from the roots to the ends. I felt like every where i walked, i was going to knock someone over. Every time i looked in the mirror i would kinda be a little scared but more confused at who was looking back. So we went to this Howl thing and everyone would look at us. Not the kind attention one would want from guys with their shirts off, but hey at least they were not making fun right?. There was a really good band there called recycled percussion. I mainly just watched them play all night long. They were amazing and amazing looking too. By the end of the restless night, mine and Katie's feet were calling for some flat ground. I am immediately regreting doing my hair so big... Well, i am all danced out and have a long night of brushing... Peace and Love